Even though neighboring destinations and establishments are aplenty, staying within the confines of Arista is more enticing. Here, you’ll have lots of reasons to be entertained, to relax, and enjoy the finest things in life. This residential development boasts a diverse set of amenities to help you enjoy your stay here.

The main attraction in Arista is certainly the Lake Club found within its premises. The close proximity of Taal Lake opens up a world of fun and exciting activities for you and your loved ones. This amenity is characterized by a board walk that lines up its borders. Taking a stroll here will give you a great view of the lake. Take your family here and enjoy a serene environment you won’t find in the big city.

Living near a lake affords you with a wide range of exciting activities. Just head on over the the Lake Club from your unit in Arista and you can spend a whole day Kayaking or fishing. Taal Lake offers you a chance to have fun in its waters while being away from any kind of disturbance. You can even arrange a boat ride straight to Taal Volcano and go hiking there. And if that’s not enough, you can go windsurfing here as well. With Taal Lake available all the time, there’s no reason to get bored in your stay here.

If the lake is too much for you, you can still enjoy the water by taking advantage of a swimming pool in Arista. Enjoy a vacation experience unlike any other when you bring in your friends and family for a quick dip. Young children can join the fun because there’s a smaller pool that’s made especially for them.

There’s a function area right near Arista. This amenity provides a spacious and safe area for all of your special occasions. All you need is to gather your guests here, bring some food, and enjoy each other’s company. Thanks to Arista’s wonderful environment, everyone can relax better and focus more on having fun.

While you’re enjoying your stay in this condominium development, you can be assured no harm will fall upon you or your family. Arista has a reliable team of security personnel who are looking out for your safety at every hour of every day. There’s a gated entrance that helps monitor and prevent suspicious persons from entering the property to harm you. As a result, you can relax better without any worries.

Arista offers you a lifestyle free from stress or any kind of pollution. Its diverse set of top-class amenities is exclusive for your use anytime you want. With these amenities in the palm of your hands, your concept of a good time will certainly be changed for the better.

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